Archaeology Brown Bag

Archaeology Brown Bag

Friday, January 18, 12 p.m.

Human Evolution and Social Change
Campus: Tempe           
Cost: Free

Join us for this ASU School of Human Evolution and Social Change archaeology brown bag featuring honors faculty fellow Sarah Graff. She will discuss “Specialization, Standardization and Circulation: the Case of Syrian Calciform Ware.”
Graff received her Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Chicago. Her research examines the relationship between political authority and economy during the advent, establishment and decline of early states in the Middle East. She is especially interested in aspects of pre-capitalist economies that could be considered informal, or not under the control of the prevailing government. Other research interests include craft production, material culture studies, early urbanism, ancient technological change and the intellectual history of economic anthropology. Her main archaeological field project is located in the Orontes River Valley of western Syria, where she has been excavating since 1995.

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Website: School of Human Evolution and Social Change Archaeology Brown Bags

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