Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity Brown Bag

Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity Brown Bag

Monday, September 9, 12 p.m.

Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity Human Evolution and Social Change
Location: Wrigley Hall, 102
Campus: Tempe           
Cost: Free

Please join us for this latest offering in the Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity's brown bag series, featuring the center's director, Marco Janssen.
Janssen will discuss "Investing Time in the Public Good: A Web-Based Threshold Public Good Experiment."
All are welcome.  Light refreshments will be served.
Abstract (Marco Janssen, Allen Lee, Hari Sundaram):
In traditional public good experiments, participants receive an endowment from the experimenter that can be invested in a public good or kept in a private account. We present an experimental environment that uses participants’ time as their natural endowment, which can be invested in the public good experiment.
The experiment runs for several days, and participants can make contributions to the threshold public good by logging into a web application and performing virtual actions. Like traditional experiments, we find an initial high level of contributions that decreases over subsequent days.
We compared two treatments, with and without leaderboards, that compared real-time performance of groups. We find that the leaderboard increases contributions during the first day, but in subsequent days no significant positive effect is found. Low performing groups from the first day may have given up when confronted with the leaderboard rankings. These findings show the double-edged effect of information feedback.

For more information
Website: Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity
Phone: 480-965-8318

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