ADMIXT ARTS: Writing * And * —

Exhibition runs Thursday through Saturday, Sep. 2 to 11.

This event last occurred Sept. 11, 2021

In the spirit of ASU’s commitment to multidisciplinary and collaborative innovation, this show features mixed media art arising from the confluence of two graduate classes: Professor of English and director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing Sally Ball’s Creative Methods, and Professor of Art Julie Anand’s graduate seminar. Anand and Ball—both experienced with collaboration—found that at every turn, bringing these classes together grew richer, pushing students to experiment and to trust each other, learning skills for both deepening cooperative works and communication across planes of expertise.

The exhibition features collaborations by:
Fiction writer Christina D’Antoni and Ceramicist Jan Davids
Poet M McDonough and Printmaker Daniella Napolitano Photographer
Bria Thompson and Poet Monica Garcia
Lithographer Maggie Pierce and Poet Carina Muñoz
Narrative punctuated by collage by Winslow Schmelling and Julia Martin
Photo-collage with poetry by Erin Peters and Benjamin Moore

As well as:
Concrete poetry by Nicole Arocho Hernandez
Soundscapes by Hayden Casey
Poetry/photo-collage by Avery Meinen

These students represent ASU’s diversity—including writers and artists who are queer, nonbinary, Black, Puerto Rican, Latinx, Asian-American, in their 20s-50s—as well as ASU’s excellence. Their work together often touches on our place, both in terms of immigrant experience/borderlands and the desert itself.

ADMIXT ARTS: Writing * And * —

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Mikey Foster Estes
School of Art