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An American Story

Event is open during library hours May 1 through June 8

In a new exhibition at Fletcher Library, photographer James R. Thompson focuses his camera lens on everyday Americans: "As I travel around this country, I am fascinated by the many stories there are to be told. Every face has a story. I have tried to capture a bit of this and show them with the respect they deserve."

Thompson became interested in photographing people while walking the streets of Minneapolis/St. Paul and meeting a vast variety of folks as they went about their daily lives. "I have since expanded my search to fairs, rodeos and other public events," he says. "Everywhere I go, I look for interesting people or those who might have an interesting story to tell."

Born in Minnesota, Thompson graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1974 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in filmmaking and photography. He spent 33 years in the motion picture and video production business, and now lives and works in the Phoenix area as a freelance photographer.

An American Story

Fletcher Library, third floor, West campus

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