Join Andre Brock, one of the preeminent scholars of black cyberculture, as he approaches black digital practice through the frame of "joy" or jouissance. Writing about black cyberculture often revolves around oppression, resistance, labor or consumption. Brock, however, argues that black digital practice's deviation from technocultural practice and desire can be understood as a feature, not a bug. He proposes that black Twitter, in particular, offers a space for black joy to originate, participate and conversate, leading to surplus libidinal, communal and political energies powering movements such as Black Lives Matter. 

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You can also join Andre Brock for a lunchtime conversation at the IHR Nexus Lab. For more information, click here.

This event is sponsored by The Institute for Humanities Research, the Nexus Lab, and Film and Media Studies.

Social Sciences Building, room 109, Tempe campus

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