Fly, Bird. Fly! — Celebrating Our Lives and Journeys

Exhibition runs Feb. 17 to 26.

This event last occurred Feb. 26, 2022

“Fly, Bird. Fly! — Celebrating Our Lives and Journeys” is an MFA thesis exhibition by Madoka Wada. Inspired by rosy-faced lovebirds, southwest Africa-native birds who found their new home in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Wada realizes an interactive installation to invite visitors to fly with the birds. It is a celebration of the lives and journeys of birds and people who arrived here. Visitors are asked to imagine a party where everyone brings souvenirs to share with their new neighbors.

Fly, Lovebird. Fly!
To celebrate this season
We need your old songs

Yay! Here come your awesome lines
Take it easy, keep going

This renga, collaborative poetry, will be completed when another poet adds the last two lines of 7-7 syllables. How would you continue?

Gallery Hours: Thursday—Saturday, noon—5 p.m.
Opening Reception: Friday, Feb. 18, 6—9 p.m.

Image courtesy the artist.

Madoka Wada: MFA Thesis Exhibition

For more information contact:

Mikey Estes
School of Art