Experiencing the sounds of life is something most people take for granted. It is only when your hearing slowly diminishes that you realize how important good hearing is.

Hearing loss develops slowly and painlessly. Some symptoms include:

• Straining to hear conversations
• A feeling you can hear but not understand
• Asking people to repeat themselves even in a quiet setting
• Confusing people’s words
• Increasing the volume of the radio or television to the point it irritates others
• Chronic ear infections
• “Ringing” in the ears
• Dizziness

Temporary hearing loss can sometimes be treated. Permanent hearing loss often is treatable with hearing aids. Adults should be screened at least every decade through age 50 and at three-year intervals thereafter. The screening consists of:

• A pure-tone test to determine if hearing levels are at or below the screening levels at key speech frequencies

• A tympanogram measurement to determine middle ear function

• An otoscopic evaluation to determine if outer ear issues such as cerumen — ear wax — or other problems need attention

You can get a free 15-minute hearing screening at the ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic. If you fail the hearing screening, you will need an in-depth audiological evaluation by an audiologist and may also need follow-up care. Recommendations for follow-up-referral will be available.

Contact Elizabeth Badalamenti to make an appointment.

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