Exhibition runs Aug. 18 to Sep. 10.

This event last occurred Sept. 10, 2022

Step Gallery is pleased to present “Home,” a painting exhibition telling the stories of eight Arizona residents, and ASU School of Art alumni: Jenni Pirmann, Dustin Klassen, Brianna Voron, Spencer Simmons, Megan Simmons, Cheryl Juracich, Elizabeth Butler and Jess Williams, curated by Jenni Pirmann and Dustin Klassen. 

Home can be a place of residence, the house where you grew up, a city, country or a recognizable set of values and mannerisms. It can be as narrowly specific as a person, or as expansive as the feeling of peace and safety that may arise out of no external circumstance. The meaning is subjective, but there is a thread that connects us all; we know what home is, and everything else is, not-home. All chaos, challenges and changes become sorted, and held safely within the container of Home. So, we ask you the viewer to reflect on what it means to have a place you belong, what would it take to feel safety, and are we succeeding at providing this for each other in community?

Exhibition Dates: Aug. 18—Sept. 10, 2022
Closing Reception: Friday, Sept. 2, 6—9 p.m.
Gallery Hours: Thursday—Saturday, noon—5 p.m.

Images: 1. Spencer Simmons, "The Pity," 2021, oil on panel, 24” x 36”; 2. Jess Williams, "Cheyenne Man," 2022, oil and canvas, 16” x 20”; 3. Brianna Voron, 2022, "TV Light," oil on canvas, 36’’ x 50’’; 4. Cheryl Juracich, "Time and Space," 2021, oil on panel, 48’’ x 60’’; 5. Jenni Pirmann, "All At Once," 2021, oil and acrylic on panel, 20’’ x 40''

Home, BFA Painting Alumni

For more information contact:

Mikey Foster Estes
School of Art
480-965-9310 https://art.asu.edu/galleries