Last Event: Wednesday Sept. 28 Noon - 1 p.m.

Leveraging Multi-Omics Analyses to Positively Impact Women's Health

Melissa Herbst-Kralovetz, PhD, The University of Arizona will present as part of the Center for Health Through Microbiomes Seminar Series. 
“The female vaginal biome is an ecosystem of good bacteria and bad bacteria. When those bacteria are out of balance, problems such as increased risk of infection and reproductive and gynecologic sequelae occur. The Herbst-Kralovetz lab focuses on understanding the microbiome and host-microbe interactions in the female reproductive tract related to gynecologic and oncologic health outcomes. This seminar will cover recent work by the Herbst-Kralovetz lab team to integrate multiple omics data sets (microbiome, immunoproteome and metabolome) to predict features of the cervicovaginal microenvironment as they relate to women’s health and disease using clinical data sets and innovative 3D human model systems.” 

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WCPH (ISTB7) Auditorium, Room 107