Last Event: Tuesday Feb. 23 4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m.

An LGBTQ+ Town Hall: Advocating for and Enacting Policy Change Within ASU

As local, state and federal agencies work to enact legislation that create a more equitable, inclusive society, higher education is often at the forefront of change. Tireless advocacy by faculty and staff within ASU’s community has pushed forward policy change within our institution on behalf of its LGBTQ+ population, often providing employee protections beyond that offered by the city or state.

Join the LGBTQ+ Faculty/Staff Association for a conversation with Kevin Salcido (ASU Vice President of Human Resources), Tiffany López (Vice Provost, Inclusive and Community Engagement) and Casey Self (Senior Director for Academic Advising, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) about how faculty and staff advocacy has been and continues to be an effective tool for policy change within our university.

The Community Conversations Series is the ASU LGBTQ+ Faculty/Staff Association’s new monthly dialogue series. Join us on Zoom as we create an open, inclusive and brave space to share thoughts, perspectives and concerns around issues of importance to our ASU LGBTQ+ community.

This series is open to all members of ASU’s LGBTQ+ faculty, staff and graduate student/postdoctoral scholar communities and allies. For more information, connect with us at


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