Opening Reception: Somniatores

This event last occurred April 23, 2021

Note: RSVP for 30-minute timed entry. Gallery occupancy is limited to allow for social distancing. Face coverings are required in campus buildings and outdoor spaces.

'Somniatores' is an MFA thesis exhibition by Min Kyu Kim. Meaning 'dreamers' in Latin, this gallery installation features a headless man and numerous whales, two distinctive symbols that originated from Min Kyu’s life experience. The contrasting figurines are combined to create a 'scene,' which clearly portrays a bizarre narrative. However, it is not 'defined.' We define who we are by what we choose to be, and such decisions come from the individual’s experience, perspective and interpretation. In this dream-like panorama, what will you see and how will you interpret?

Like Fredrich Nietzsche said, 'There are no facts. Only interpretations.'

Image: Installation detail courtesy the artist.

Min Kyu Kim MFA Thesis Exhibition

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Mikey Foster Estes
Fine Arts