Next Event: Saturday May 15 4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Progress Not Perfection: A Virtual Live Performance

For many, the global COVID-19 pandemic resulted in extreme conditions of social isolation and loneliness. And for those struggling with alcohol addiction, these conditions may have fostered a stronger urge to drink again.

“Progress Not Perfection” is a performance inspired by “Beyond the Bottle,” a manuscript by Hugh Downs School Professor Linda C. Lederman.

Lederman’s creative non-fiction presents stories of recovery from people who want to stop drinking. The script by Hugh Downs School Graduate Teaching Associate Tyler S. Rife provides a springboard for discussion about the lived experiences of people struggling with addiction in contexts of social isolation.

You will meet characters—all in different stages in their journey to recovery—whose experiences with alcohol addiction, recovery and progress are uniquely marked by this moment in time.

The performance will include a Storyscope immediately following the event.  (That will be a separate link that we will only share with people who register.)

We invite you to join in this Storyscope event, where we share stories in intimately sized groups called story circles. Through hearing each other's stories, how might we think about social isolation and loneliness?  


For More Information Contact:

Jennifer Linde
Hugh Downs School of Human Communication