Last Event: Thursday Sept. 14 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left Texas and Florida in a state of crisis. The Community Assistants across the north side of campus have joined forces with other partnerships across ASU in order to create a campaign to gather aid for the people affected by the natural disasters by collecting donations in the forms of canned food, clothings, and supplies. If you can't make it, you can make a donation via the Amazon. (See below for a completed list of acceptable donations.) 

We will be providing food, incentives and a card making station for moral support as well. 

Link for Amazon Wish List:

Donations being accepted:

• adult and baby diapers
• air mattress pumps
• air mattresses
• baby bottles and formula
• baby wipes
• bathroom tissue
• batteries
• blankets
• bleach
• box fans
• buckets
• carriers
• cleaning supplies
• coloring books
• coolers
• duct tape
• feminine hygiene products
• first aid supplies
• flashlights
• garbage bags
• gloves
• hand sanitizers
• hoses
• insect repellent
• kennels
• lanterns
• leashes
• laundry sanitizer
• medical grade face masks
• mops
• non-perishable food
• nylon rope
• pack n' plays
• paper towels
• pet food
• pillows
• puzzles
• rakes
• socks, all sizes
• shovels
• sponges
• sunscreen
• tarps
• toiletries
• towels
• toys
• undergarments, all sizes
• vinegar

In front of Tooker House, Tempe campus

Event Map: 

For More Information Contact:

Shannon O'Toole