Three Walls

Exhibition runs Monday through Friday, Oct. 12 to 30.

This event last occurred Oct. 30, 2020

Harry Wood Gallery is pleased to present Three Walls, a group exhibition showcasing the work of MFA alums Parker Barfield, Ryan Eckert and Casey Hanrahan. 

With each their own wall, these three artists come together to create a diversified whole while featuring different mediums including painting, drawing and ceramics. Parker Barfield explores his deep psychological and spiritual connections with the geologic features and plant life of Arizona. He finds the union of the interior and exterior worlds, the monumental and the minute, the human and the non-human and things very close and infinitely distant. Similarly, Ryan Eckart addresses the relationship between self and surroundings. His work is a journal where every page is left open, describing a personal life of faith and spirit which, though tainted by his own inner desires and ambitions, culminates in a warm, peaceful acceptance of salvation. Casey Hanrahan refers to relationships and intimacy as well, but with cups. With the functional vessel the artist explores a direct sense of intimacy. Each set comes together to define different relationships and experiences, while also creating new ones. 

Gallery occupancy is limited. Face coverings and social distancing are required. For additional information, contact


Three Walls: Parker Barfield, Ryan Eckert, Casey Hanrahan

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Mikey Foster Estes
Fine Arts