A Two-Player Asymmetric Commons Game

A Two-Player Asymmetric Commons Game

Monday, November 5, 12 p.m.

Human Evolution and Social Change
Location: Wrigley Hall, 201
Campus: Tempe           
Cost: Free

Join us for this Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity brown bag presentation by postdoctoral researchers Irene Perez Ibarra and Jacopo Baggio.
Light food and drinks will be provided. 
Production of collective goods is dependent on individuals' investment decisions. Past studies have dealt with heterogeneity among appropriators. However, less attention has been given to asymmetric access to resources and how asymmetric access influences investment decision in common pool resources. Asymmetric access is an important factor in many common pool resources (whether it is for social or biophysical reasons). Examples are irrigation systems and pension systems where a younger generation contributes to the pension of an older generation. Here we present results from experiments conducted at ASU in the spring of 2012. We look at how asymmetric access and uncertainty in resources affect investment decisions.

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