Excerpts from MACHOS

Excerpts from MACHOS

In 2006, frustrated by the Patriarchy and its impact on all genders, Teatro Luna's Company of Latina and Women of Color set out to ask men the question directly: what does it mean to be a man and who taught you to become one? They ended up learning so much more. The result was Machos, a performance drawn from interviews with 100 men nationwide and performed in drag by the all-femme social justice theatre company in 2007 in Chicago and on a regional tour that the Chicago Tribune called "Hugely Entertaining". 

From one young man’s relationship with his correctional officer father to a man cheating on his wife with himself, Machos presents a range of true-life stories with Teatro Luna’s trademark wit, humor and unique point of view. Revisiting this script over a decade later is an exciting challenge in light of the large-scale cultural shifts in relationship to gender, exploding the binary and expanding space for mainstream inclusion practices. What a moment this crisis presents in deepening our empathy and relationship to those on the margins through art that recenters people of the global majority

PLEASE NOTE: The devised piece was not able to be recorded in its entirety due to complications in the integration of a brand-new system for on-line streaming, and through a thorough learning process in this new medium and art form, the team has instead put together a live panel both before and after the recorded selection of scenes and monologues from the piece featuring student artists who have been working on this project with the Artistic Director of Teatro Luna, the company that originally created this play in 2007 and director of this production, Alexandra Meda and project Dramaturg, Nicola Olsen.  The interactive discussion and viewing will allow for questions directed to the panelists around this experience and the project at large. 

Presented virtually via Vimeo.

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