Did you know the ASU Library has a Makerspace? Learn how to make your first 3D model in TinkerCAD. We will go over different types of filaments, printers and best practices for slicing your model. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to submit a print using our submission form. All backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome!

Do you want to make a flower crown or a pressed flower art? Come down to the Naturespace to create art with flowers. We will provide you with flowers for creating crowns, pressed flower art or flower prints. Join us to hang out at Naturespace in Hayden Library and make art. Register today!

Nature can make anything beautiful! Use natural leaves and flowers to design and create your own prints using acrylic paints and inks. Come over to Naturespace for this leaf printing workshop to create aesthetic designs for your totes, postcards and bookmarks whilst learning about the different leaves in Nature. We have a wide range of leaves available, but you can bring yours too! Register today!

If you're a beginner plant parent, and you want to learn about how to keep your plants alive and thriving, head over to this class at Naturespace. We will provide you with valuable information on how to safely pot your plants, provide tips on how to maintain your houseplants and the best plants for your space based on their light and water requirements. We will also dive into the physical and mental health benefits of plants, and to top it all off, you will learn some interesting facts about plants. Space is limited.

In collaboration with our annual Lofi study session at Tempe campus, the Labriola Center at Fletcher Library will livestream the Lofi study session in the University Center Building, room 265 and 266. Heat n' Beats celebrates Indigenous artistry and the hard work it takes to be an Indigenous student at a university. Students will have the opportunity to use the room to listen to an Indigenous DJ live streamed from Tempe campus while studying for exams, or take an opportunity to make simple earrings and keychains from Makerspace's laser cutter.

Have you ever wondered what kind of patterns form in nature? Discover nature's patterns through journaling. Take a deeper look into the natural world by drawing and writing in a journal at Naturespace in Hayden Library. We will discover the similarities between species to learn more about the creatures that share our world. Come by our Naturespace and explore the many patterns found on planet earth. We can provide you with a journal or bring your own. Space is limited. Register today!

Do you like birds? Do you wonder what kinds of birds are on the ASU Tempe campus? Join Naturespace on a birdwatching tour around the Tempe campus, where we can view the different birds that live there. After seeking out birds on campus, we can head to Naturespace and discuss our findings. Meet us up in the Naturespace 311E before we head out to explore campus. Bring your binoculars, a pair of sturdy walking shoes and go birding with us. 

Space is limited. Register today!

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