Visualization 1 serves as an insightful introduction to the power of ggplot. The virtual workshop will guide participants through the art of crafting compelling visualizations that convey complex insights and stories. We will start by explaining why we should care about visualizations. By understanding the "why" behind visualization, we can gain an appreciation for its pivotal role in modern data analysis. The workshop will then dive into the core concepts of visual relationships between variables, unraveling the diverse forms of visual illustrations.

Jules Massenet was the leading French opera composer from the latter part of the 19th century into the first decade of the 20th century. His 24 operas represent a diverse palette of thematic material including works based on historical, mythological, religious, fictional and magical settings. Massenet's affinity for art forms beyond music such as dance, prose and visual arts is readily apparent in many of these masterful scores.   

What is Biomimicry? On Wednesday, Sept. 27, Naturespace at Hayden Library welcomes Naomi Cadena, who holds a master's in biomimicry, to come to speak to us about Biomimicry.

Naomi will talk about what Biomimicry is, what is biomimetic design and what role it plays in the future of sustainability. Join Naturespace in exploring and discussing this exciting topic!

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