The Exploring Censorship and Banned Books Collection is a curated collection of books, film and other media curated in partnership with ASU Library and the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies that address the topics of censorship and freedom of expression, along with those works which are considered “banned” by political groups and organizations.

The digital world has opened realms of Indigenous comic books and zines to the public through visual components in both print and digital art. The ability to author our own stories has given us the power to dismantle stereotypes and make room for visibility amongst Indigenous communities in art and activism. Join the Labriola Center on Friday, Sept, 8, 2023 for an Indigenous Comic Book Workshop with artist and educator, Kayla Shaggy!

OpenRefine is a free, open-source tool that simplifies the process of cleaning, transforming and enhancing datasets. Whether you conduct data-intensive research daily or casually use spreadsheets, OpenRefine’s user-friendly interface helps individuals of all skill levels clean up messy datasets without needing to learn programming languages or complicated spreadsheet formulas.

This presentation will provide an introduction to OpenRefine including: importing data, using facets and filters, clustering and exporting the cleaned data.

This event has been canceled and will be rescheduled at a later date.

The second event in this series introduces and explores key concepts in Artificial Intelligence. The aim is to understand applications, but also think through implications for your own research and professional interests.

In each presentation and topic, we emphasize design, adoption and ethics of AI systems.

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