Climate Change Theatre Action

Produced and envisioned by ASU theatre professor Micha Espinosa, this is the fourth time ASU has participated in the Climate Change Theatre Action. In partnership with ASU's Biodesign Institute and the Colle of Global Futures' Narrative Storytelling Initiative, actors from the ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre will present three climate change-themed readings. The event will also feature an excerpt from Sojourn Theatre's digital performance of "Weathering the Storm: Shaping Climate Change Futures," directed by Institute Professor Michael Rohd and produced by the founding director of ASU's Storytelling Initiative, Steven Beschloss. The performances will be followed by a Q&A with ASU's Biodesign Institute Director, Professor Rolf Halden, and his graduate researchers.

Biodesign Auditorium

For more information contact:

Micha Espinosa