ASU/NASA Space Grant Undergraduate Scholars will be showcasing their research posters to highlight their various STEM projects and to network with other students and faculty. Stop by the first floor of ISTB4 to see some of the exciting research that is being conducted. 

The event gives the ASU community the opportunity to see a range of projects that our students do in science and engineering. Each scholar is required to lead a project with a reportable outcome and this is their first opportunity to present their findings. Come and learn about the exciting things happening with ASU/NASA Space Grant and how you can become a part of this fun and exciting program as a scholar, graduate fellow or mentor.

Visit for more information about ASU/NASA Space Grant.

Parking: Parking is available inside the Rural Road parking structure just east of ISTB 4. From the parking structure, walk west and enter ISTB 4 through the glass doors on the north side of the building. Please note that a parking fee is charged upon exit.

Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building IV, Gallery of Exploration

Event Map: 

For More Information Contact:

Desiree Crawl
Coordinator Senior, School Of Earth & Space Exploration