AFTERSHOCK: A Group Exhibition on the Human Response to Ecological Trauma

Exhibition runs Sept. 21 through Oct. 7

This event last occurred Oct. 7, 2017

"AFTERSHOCK: A Group Exhibition on the Human Response to Ecological Trauma" will feature artists Susan Beiner, Brandi Lee Cooper, Camila Galofre, Erika Lynne Hanson, Christina Kemp-Sullivan, Molly Koehn, Jessica Palomo, Anthony Pessler and Buzzy Sullivan. 

Inspired by the chaotic and poetic consequences of natural phenomenon, "AFTERSHOCK" will showcase the works of artists currently working with themes surrounding human relationships to the transformative virtues of nature, trauma, history and place. Through a multiplicity of mediums, this exhibition looks at the various influences of environmental experiences in relation to existing global issues. 

Image courtesy of Molly Koehn.

Aftershock Step Gallery Grant Street Studios

Step Gallery at Grant Street Studios, Downtown Phoenix campus

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Grant Vetter
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