ASU Urban Arts Expo

Photo of hip-hop dancers performing

The ASU Urban Arts Expo features performances, lecture demonstrations and class research projects about urban arts produced in the School of Film, Dance and Theatre.

The Expo includes: 

  • Urban Dance Music Ensemble (cross-listed with School of Music)
  • Hip Hop Dance I (Professor Fung) with a focus on breaking and hip-hop culture
  • Hip Hop Dance I (Professor Thomas) with a focus on storytelling through hip-hop dance and theatre 
  • Hip Hop Dance I (Professor Le) with a focus on funk-style popping
  • Urban Movement Practices I (Professor White): Survey of various practices including breaking (hip-hop), locking (funk), house and vogue. One-time workshops in Detroit #Jit and Afro-forms outside the U.S. help ground class in the diasporic roots of urban movement developed in the U.S.
  • Urban Movement Practices II (Professor Britt): Spoken word performances by ASU students 
  • "This Is Modern Art": Scene from the play where JC (Julz Jenny), Dose (Victor Yang) and Seven (Rashaud Williams) break down all the essentials one needs to do a graffiti bomb. #hiphoptheatre (Denaro and Ariza)
  • Dance in U.S. Pop Culture: Sharing of "social dance album" cover art examining various movement and urban subcultures and practices and how they became mainstream in the U.S. (Professor White)
  • Urban Research Cluster and Jeff Chang: Presentation by Shelley Jackson; PI: Marcus White with Mako Ward and Mathew Sandoval (Professor S. Jackson and Professor White)
  • Vogue and Ballroom research projects: Rylee Locker and Carlos Solano (Professor White)
  • Tables with student organizations: Urban Arts Club, Sun Devils Breakdancing Club, Hip-Hop Coalition and Grand Canyon 
School of Film, Dance and Theatre
Bulldog Hall 132 (Previously Physical Education Building East)