Body/Magic: Liz Cohen

Image credit: Liz Cohen, “Zwickau Routine:Yellow Inward Turn,” 2010, C-Print, 16 x 20 inches, image courtesy of the artist.

“Body/Magic: Liz Cohen” is an exhibition that for the first time combines all aspects of artist Liz Cohen’s “Bodywork” series, including new and unseen works in various media at various scales that include video, photographs, performance and ephemera related to the project. For the “Bodywork” series she transformed two cars, the American El Camino and the East German Trabant into a lowrider while simultaneously transforming her own body to become a bikini model for her car at lowrider shows. The project examines her in-betweenness as a first-generation Latina and a child of the Cold War, with Colombian parents who tended to favor Warsaw Pact countries over Disneyland for summer vacations. “Bodywork” was also an avenue for Cohen to explore her own femininity and create dialogue around issues relating to immigration, nonconformity and resistance.

This exhibition is curated by Julio César Morales, curator at ASU Art Museum, with assistance from DiemLanakai, Windgate curatorial intern at ASU Art Museum. “Body/Magic: Liz Cohen” is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and sponsored by Patti Parsons.

An initiative presented in association with the Feminist Art Coalition (FAC).

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Image credit: Liz Cohen, “Zwickau Routine: Yellow Inward Turn,” 2010, C- Print, 16 x 20 inches, image courtesy of the artist.

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