Data Science Open Lab

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Learn the ins and outs of data science, and get connected with experts, collaborators and compelling projects! 

Students, faculty and staff, of all levels and disciplines, are welcome to attend all-virtual open lab workshops offered by the ASU Library's Unit for Data Science and Analytics. Open Lab is an opportunity to network, seek mentors and projects, gain skills and work on real-world problems using data science.

Join us for this biweekly, all-virtual event, every other Wednesday during the Fall 2020 semester:

Nov. 17: Intro to Python Part 4

“Introduction to Python” workshop series is offered by ASU Library’s Unit for Data Science and Analytics. This workshop is aimed at basic knowledge of Python for those who are just starting out or who have run some programs but would like some refreshers on fundamentals. Part 1 involved setting up Python on your machine, Part 2 covered data type basics and Part 3 looked at functions.

In Part 4, the last of the Python series, we will tie all of the parts together and go line by line through a simple python program and talk through how it works. Reviewing previous sessions of this workshop series is encouraged for those attending for the first time.

Register for the event here

If you missed any of the previous workshops or need a refresher; no worries, we will provide resources once you register for the event.

Nov. 18: Introduction to Machine Learning
Learn the concepts of machine learning, using a computer to perform a task. Join us all virtual:

Kerri Rittschof
ASU Library
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