De-colonizing the Set: Apache Leap and the Community Production Model

This event last occurred April 4, 2022

The film, "Apache Leap," was born of the shared vision and commitment of an entire community, who seeks to see itself represented with all the nuance and beauty that the San Carlos Apache Reservation contains. The entire main cast, as well as the majority of production crew members, is comprised of tribal members. Through the Native Arts Film Academy, young adults from the reservation filmed and created "Apache Leap." The film is textured with the pride of a community eager to share a glimpse of itself with the world.

Join the Labriola National American Indian Data Center for an exciting discussion with filmmaker Christian Rozier, cast and members of the production crew.

Hayden Library level two floor plan

A group of four people standing around a film camera on a movie set

Hayden Library, Level Two

For more information contact:

Eric Hardy
Labriola National American Indian Data Center