Educator's Conference on the Holocaust

A classroom of empty desks

Every year the BJE devotes a day for teachers in Arizona schools to explore the Holocaust and its lessons for today and beyond. Over the years, hundreds of educators became informed and inspired to teach the Holocaust in their classrooms.

With each passing year, the generation of survivors becomes fewer and fewer. As teachers of our youth, you have the opportunity to speak for those who no longer can — to become their voice.

With knowledge, your classroom can provide a space for a meaningful and challenging course on the Holocaust. The Holocaust or Shoah, as a watershed event in human history, is a benchmark for the study of unchecked evil. Through the lessons of the Holocaust, your students will begin to understand how silence, indifference to suffering, hatred of the other and abuse of power can lead to genocide.

Arizona Jewish Historical Society
Bureau of Jewish Education
Phoenix Holocaust Association
ASU School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies

Elaine Hirsch
Bureau of Jewish Education