Flowing Beyond Heaven and Earth

Exhibition runs Feb. 18–May 27

This event last occurred May 27, 2017

Flowing Beyond Heaven and Earth showcases works by 33 artists, who represent different pottery regions across China. The ceramists included in this exhibition all have deep roots when it comes to tradition, but each adapts to change in his/her own way.

Coordinated by artist Luo Xiaoping and made possible by the China Industrial Ceramics Association (CCIA), which helps its member artists develop new markets and create opportunities for cultural exchange between east and west. Supported by the Helme Prinzen Endowment.

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Image credit: Xu Ruifeng, "Chang’e’s Ascent to the Moon." Porcelain, 28 x 15 x 33 cm. Courtesy of the artist. 

ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center presents the work of 35 Chinese artists

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