French Job Fair

This event last occurred Sept. 24, 2022


The French Phoenix Job Fair, co-organized by Arizona State University and the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles, with the support of the Alliance Française of Greater Phoenix, is an event promoting French-language learning and its usefulness in the job market.

The program includes workshops and conferences about how learning French can be an asset at every stage of life, from expanding cognitive development in children, to wowing college admissions. Plus, it’s an excellent way to get a running start in the job market where international exchanges abound more than ever. The event will allow students and job seekers to learn how they can use their French language skills to boost their careers.

This event is not limited to high school and college students. It will be eye-opening for parents, teachers and, of course, educational institutions and private partners. This event will be a great opportunity for networking and exchange for Phoenix and the francophile community in Arizona.

Memorial Union, Arizona Ballroom

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Arizona AATF