Goddesses, Beer and the Bible

This event last occurred Nov. 8, 2018

ASU lecturer Stephen Davis, who co-teaches the popular online senior seminar "The Cultural and Chemical History of Beer" (BIS 402) in the interdisciplinary studies major, uses beer as a lens to study anthropology, history, geography and mythology.

In this engaging presentation, he’ll share facts and perspectives on ancient beer-making, traditional beer-making, religion, gods, goddesses and the spirit world.

“If you look at beer and all its different facets and trace it through the ages, it touches on almost every aspect of human life,” Davis said. 

The College of Integrative Sciences and Arts' Humanities Lecture Series at ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus provides opportunities to analyze, discuss and interpret current research and events in public discussions, helping us understand and appreciate various points of view on political, social and cultural issues.

Egyptian art depicts women pouring beer

Cronkite 128

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