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Habitat features the work of artists considering the human ecosystem in the age of the Anthropocene. Installations by Ashley Czjakowski and Julie Anand use multisensory experiences to create environments that encourage the viewer to consider the edge between human and animal habitat. John Willis and Ben Timpson address issues of Social and Environmental Justice in their works of protest. Kathleen Velo interweaves the poetics of cameraless photography with the language of science. The works of Natascha Seideneck and Deborah Lillie sound the alarm by pointing to consequences of human actions. In Photo News, Jody Zellen's video of 365 days of news, we are reminded of the social, envonronmental and political headlines from 2019. The 14 -foot-long grid of images by Brian Moss resonates with familiarity and recalls the link between the microscopic and the cosmos as humans strive to explain the world and make meaning from it.

Image by Renascent by Ashley Czajkowski

Liz Allen
Northlight Gallery, School of Art
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Northlight Gallery
Free and open to the public