In the Heat of the Moment: The Art of the Broadside

Exhibition runs Dec. 7 to Apr. 15 (by appointment)

This event last occurred April 15, 2022

With deep historical roots, the broadside movement is hyper-relevant today as contemporary book artists and letterpress printers use the form to disseminate current topical ideas in this graphic ink-to-paper medium. Digital platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have given rise to electronic “broadsides” for political cannonballing or lobbing of words. 

This exhibition features collaborative broadsides from ASU’s Pyracantha Press, an “Environment” print portfolio by Southwest Regional artists, College Book Art Association and broadsides produced at Almond Tree Press and Papermill from 1995 to 2012 for the ASU Centennial Lecture series, Barrett Honors College. Also on display are Pyracantha Press books for viewing and handling.

Early American broadsides or broadsheets were letterpress printed typically on one side or sheet of paper. Broadsides were printed in the heat of the moment and posted in town squares as daily news. Topics included manifestos, contemporary events, song ballads, poetry, religion and amusements. 

Pyracantha Press collaborations: Elizabeth Catlett, Rita Dove, Antonio Frasconi, Pam Longobardi, Margaret Prentice, Bill of Rights, Alberto Rios, Fritz Scholder, Buzz Spector, Jessica Spring and Beatrice Wood – the Mama of Dada. Southwest Regional “Environment” artists: Aaron Cohick (ASU alum), Angie Dell, Gordon Fluke (ASU alum), Barbara Ryan Gartin, Daniel Mayer, Rebecca Lawton (scientist/poet) Michael Sharp, Amy Thompson, Emily Tipps, Marnie Powers-Torrey and Karen Zimmermann.

Almond Tree Press (Gene Valentine, proprietor)

ASU Centennial Lecture broadsides: Edward Albee, Annie Dillard, James Fallows, Jules Feiffer, Carlos Fuentes, Stephen Jay Gould, David Halberstam, Charles Johnson, Maeve Leakey, Joel Meyerowitz, N. Scott Momaday, Sylvia Nasar, Kathleen Sullivan, Sir Crispin Tickell and Jonathan Weiner.

Exhibition is available for viewing by appointment for class tours or individuals, Tuesday through Friday. Contact Pyracantha Press Director Daniel Mayer at for more information.

In the Heat of the Moment: The Art of the Broadside

Tempe Center, Bldg 150 North Entrance, Room 165

For more information contact:

Daniel Mayer
Pyracantha Press