Humanistic Management: The Art of Conscious Capitalism

Sustainable, conscious capitalism is the topic for the ASU Humanities Lecture April 5

We have been taught a myth about business — that gaining advantage over others is the way to make money. New Arizona State University research suggests there is another way besides competition and its zero-sum game.

In this lecture, professor Elizabeth Castillo explains how we can create thriving businesses by lifting each other up. Castillo will share a new model for sustainable capitalism based on management principles derived from nature (biomimicry) and the humanities (creativity, dignity and community). Learn how tools like Integrated Reporting and four-quadrant analysis can transform capitalism from unsustainable “business as usual” to an evolved art form: mutualism. 

Her presentation, part of the Humanities Lecture Series at will be held at ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus.

Castillo, an assistant professor in the faculty of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, studies organizational leadership through the lens of complex adaptive systems. Her research investigates capitalization of nonprofit organizations, particularly how intangible assets like social, cultural and political capital contribute to the production of social and financial returns (the double bottom line).

Her scholarship is inspired by two decades of management experience in the nonprofit sector, including the San Diego Natural History Museum and Balboa Park Cultural Partnership.

Castillo, a member of the Arizona chapter of Concious Capitalism, said her mission is to "repair the world through scholarship that promotes thriving organizations, fulfilled people, connected communities, and a world we can be proud to pass on to our children."

Mirna Lattouf
Faculty of Languages and Cultures, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts
Cronkite Building, room 128
Free and open to the public