Kate Gilmore's "All I'm Taking with Me"

Kate Gilmore's All I'm Taking with Me features performers and Museum objects

With a dark sense of humor, Kate Gilmore’s performances feature futile, repetitive and often messy tasks to investigate gender and identity. In All I’m Taking with Me, performers select and go on display with objects from the Museum’s collection on a platform in the gallery.

Gilmore is a New York- based artist who explores themes of displacement, struggle, gender and identity. In performances featuring her own body or other women, she constructs intricate obstacles from which she attempts to escape or destroy. The performances involve an impractical uniform as an overt indicator of gender. Gilmore signature process of destruction-creation utilizes her own physicality as a post-feminist critique of sex and gender. 

This piece is presented in conjunction with "Energy Charge: Connecting to Ana Mendieta," an exhibition on view at the ASU Art Museum Sept. 24–Dec. 31.

Image credit: Kate Gilmore, "Love ‘Em, Leave ‘Em," 2013. HD Video with sound, 1:49 minutes. Courtesy of the artist and David Castillo Gallery.

Katrina Montgomery
ASU Art Museum
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