Lyric Opera Theatre New Works Reading "PRISM: An Opera in One Act" Excerpts from a work in progress

ASU Lyric Opera Theatre

Join us for a taste of the future of American opera right here at ASU! 

"PRISM" tells the story of a mother, Lumee, and her daughter, Bibi, who have locked themselves away from the world in order to protect themselves from the dangers that lurk outside.  However, when a chorus of Bibi's past selves start to appear to her in the form of flashbacks, Bibi starts remembering things about the Outside that contradict Lumee'sstories of their past. In order to keep her Inside, Lumee tries to convince Bibi that the Outside is making her sick and that these new memories are merely lies being told to split them apart.  Drowning in voices new and familiar, Bibi must choose between abandoning her mother to find out the truth of her "sickness" in the Outside, or resigning to her mother's lies to hold on to the comforts of the only life she's ever truly known. "PRISM" explores the viscosity of memory after trauma, and the lengths one will go to to "feel better"- no matter what the price.

 Music by Ellen Reid; libretto by Roxie Perkins; produced by Beth Morrison (ASU/Lyric Opera Theatre alum)

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