Mono a Mano

Exhibition runs Monday through Friday, Sept. 14 to 24.

This event last occurred Sept. 25, 2020

Gallery 100 is pleased to present "mono a mano," an exhibition of quarantine monoprinting.

The emotional toll was immediate when we were told to not come back — our vibrant community that had thrived on “the energy and inspiration” of our classroom space was now displaced, disappointed, disheartened, disoriented. But the ingenuity, the curiosity, the grit and determination of a class shifting their perspective so as not be “crushed” by the losses resulted in a tribe of monoprinters that did not let the lack of space, the lack of materials or the lack of equipment prevent them from creating incredibly beautiful bodies of work that are “representative of the personal and emotional journeys” they underwent. This exhibition is the result of a collaborative online learning space, where shared experiments and processes helped to guide new methods in making images.

Hanley Ange
Amanda Atrostic
Marisa Colon 
Allene Dugan
Tatum Kerley
Evan Lewis
Alija Luna
Tiernan Maloy
Isabella Sawyer
Sebastian Vargas 
K Herbert
Miranda Wacker

This exhibition is open during gallery hours and by appointment. Gallery capacity is limited. Face coverings and social distancing required. For additional information or to schedule a viewing, please contact

Image: Melissa M. Button

mono a mano - an exhibition of quarantine monoprinting

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Mikey Foster Estes
Fine Arts