The Most Beautiful Home ... Maybe

The Most Beautiful Home Maybe written and directed by Ashley Sparks and Mark Valdez

Art and story have the power to build empathy and understanding. "The Most Beautiful Home … Maybe" offers a nerdy and raucous vision for guaranteed housing. Developed from conversations and workshops with housing advocates, activists, developers and government workers, "The Most Beautiful Home … Maybe" is a multimedia performance juxtaposing housing data, Lyndon Johnson, music and stories of Americans facing home insecurity. This show invites us to collectively create housing policies and envision a future where everyone has a home. There is a mounting need for solutions to our national housing crises. Can theater help solve these challenges?

Written and directed by Mark-n-Sparks (Ashley Sparks & Mark Valdez)

Scenic, properties and costume design: Nephelie Andonyadis

Lighting design: Lonnie Rafael Alcaraz

Media designer and technology supervisor: Jake Pinholster

Sound designer, composer and musical director: Victor Zupanc

Choreographer: Kelli Foster Warder

Assistant media designer: Matt Soson

Project coordinator: Michael Garcia

Stage manager: Maria Oliveira

Produced by Jack Reuler and Jay Claire

Image Credit: Rich Ryan

ASU MIX Center
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ASU MIX Center Enhanced Immersion Studio #105