Last Event: Saturday May 7 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Oscillatory Brain Dynamics Conference

Hosted by the Department of Psychology Cognitive Science program and EEG Lab, the Oscillatory Brain Dynamics mini-conference will present an incredible group of international speakers at Arizona State University's Tempe Campus including Rasa Gulbinaite, Bradley Voytek, Mike X. Cohen, Emmanuelle Tognoli, and John J.B. Allen. These speakers will give interactive talks on their research that will focus on the usage of oscillatory dynamic techniques to investigate the underlying neural aspects of cognition and behavior. Learn about computational models for the role of excitation-inhibition (E-I) balance in neural information flow; theta oscillations as a bridge between human cognitive control and understanding its neural implementation; “frequency-tagging” and “hijacking” approaches of flicker for studying selective attention; spatiotemporal dynamics of neural oscillations; and resting state brain activity and depression.

Psychology Building Room 230 "The Library", Tempe campus

For More Information Contact:

Dr. Chris Blais
Department of Psychology