PHL Engaging Citizenship Luncheon

PHL Engaging Citizenship Luncheon

The Political History and Leadership (PHL) program at Arizona State University is committed to civic education for our students and the larger community.

The mission of the PHL Engaging Citizenship Luncheons is to provide a deeper understanding of critical political and cultural issues confronting our nation. These meetings provide an opportunity for attendees from the community to deepen their understanding of issues including free speech, abortion, campaign finance, federal powers, the heritage of slavery and the ethics of war.

Luncheons are designed for active attendee engagement with topic introductions by an ASU faculty member and/or subject matter expert, small group discussions, presentation of discussion outcomes and general discussion.

Topics for fall 2021 include:

September 14, 2021: "Fighting Words or Free Speech: What's Your Cancel Culture Choice?"

October 19, 2021: "The Danger Zone Exposed: 'Debunking the 1619 Project'" ft. Mary Grabar

November 9, 2021: "'Revolutionary Monsters': A Warning to America" ft. Donald T. Critchlow

December 7, 2021: "Should You Be Concerned If It's Only Soft Despotism?"

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