Portals BFA Exhibition

Life is comprised of countless decisions to step through "Portals" and explore whatever realm lies on the other side. In this exhibition, seven BFA students invite you to step into their worlds and explore femininity, technology, nature, the mind, daydreams, love and the interconnectedness of it all. Allow them to facilitate important narratives and inspire optimism as they push creative boundaries, create meaningful work and give life to monsters and dreams alike. Please join Nikole Awbery, Vince Garcia, Kristen Kellner, Janelle Kinsey, Xiaowen Liu, Josephine Merida Ortiz and Kiley Snider on their journey through "Portals" and into each other’s worlds and works.

Gallery occupancy is limited to allow for social distancing. Face coverings are required in campus buildings and outdoor spaces. Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday, noon to 5 p.m.

Image: Janelle Kinsey

Mikey Foster Estes
Fine Arts
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Gallery 100