Twenty-First Century Voices: Graduate Student Creative Writers

A person types on a manual typewriter / Photo by Sally Ball

Join the ASU Creative Writing program for a live reading of fiction and poetry that engages the issues of our time.

There is an art that lives in the humanities: that’s creative writing. Often creative writers’ work is informed by research or documentary strategies, or it engages other humanities topics, such as social justice, queer studies, women’s studies, ethnic studies, religious studies, history, languages, etc., but with a more intimate lens. Creative writers think and work across many disciplines — collaboratively and also independently.

Come and hear the work of graduate student writers from ASU Creative Writing, and get an original piece on the spot, made for you on a real (20th-century) typewriter!

The event is free of charge and open to the public, and is part of a university-wide Humanities Week celebration sponsored by The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at ASU.

Justin Petropoulos
Department of English
Memorial Union, North Stage