Exhibition runs Monday through Friday, Nov. 9 to 19.

This event last occurred Nov. 19, 2020

Gallery 100 is pleased to present "Vagary," a Bachelor Fine Arts group exhibition in multiple media.

vagary, noun: an unpredictable instance; a wandering journey; a whimsical, wild or unusual idea, desire or action.

In this exhibition, artists KOSA, Loretta Heenan, Jacqueline Marquez, kenosys, Cheyenne Paul and Lauren “Sody” Wadsworth explore the vastness of artistic expression through sectioning experiences of different styles and media. Through the creation of different artistic ‘biomes,’ the artists invite viewers to take their own wandering journey through the exhibition, immersing themselves in each as they go along. With themes that range from truth, to fiction, to traumatic fears and warm welcomes, "Vagary" seeks to remind us that even works that seem fundamentally different share common purpose: to be sought out and viewed by travelers who feel it speaks to them.

Gallery occupancy is limited. Face coverings and social distancing required. For additional information, please contact

Vagary, BFA Exhibition

For more information contact:

Mikey Foster Estes
Fine Arts