'Where the Waters Cut Through': Photographs by Buzzy Sullivan

Missoula Boulder by Buzzy Sullivan

"Where The Waters Cut Through" is a photographic exhibition grounded in the intersection of family, photographic and geologic histories. This body of work focuses on the Columbia River Gorge, a landscape that has a photographic history tracing back to when Carleton E. Watkins first photographed it in 1867. It is also the landscape where Sullivan grew out adolescence and came to terms with the voids created by an absent father who was also a photographer working in the landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Through following the paths of both Watkins and his own father, Sullivan questions his place in the mythology of the American West.

(c) "Missoula Boulder" by Buzzy Sullivan

Liz Allen, Curator
Northlight Gallery
- - - - - -
Grant Street Studios, Northlight Gallery, Downtown Phoenix campus