Winter Undergraduate Juried Exhibition (by appointment)

Exhibition on view by appointment only Nov. 30 through Jan. 22.

This event last occurred Jan. 22, 2021

Harry Wood Gallery is pleased to present the Winter Undergraduate Juried Exhibition. This annual exhibition features work by BFA students from multiple disciplines, including animation, fashion, intermedia, painting and drawing, photography and printmaking. 

This exhibition is on view by appointment only. Gallery occupancy is limited. Face coverings and social distancing required. For additional information or to schedule a viewing, please contact

Allene Dugan
Brianna Woodworth
Danielle Mikulski
Hayden Woodward
Isabel Han
Isabella Salvatierra
Jessica Begay
Jacey Coca
James Guthrie
Jazmin Herrada
Jacqueline Marquez
Karen Nazario Moranchel
Kelsey Phillips
Lauren Edmundson
Lathenia Johnson
Marie Buettner
Magdalene Lunbery
Maria E. Reyes
Phil Roeder
Rachel Hebert
Shane Collins


Winter Undergraduate Juried Exhibition Fall 2020

For more information contact:

Mikey Foster Estes
Fine Arts