Last Event: Tuesday June 11 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

'Zombified' Live Podcast Launch

Join host Athena Aktipis and Dave Kenrick for a live event where they discuss the nature of zombification, how dogs can make you a zombie and much more!

"Zombified" is an educational podcast about how we are vulnerable to be controlled by things and what that means for our future. It features interviews with ASU Psychology Department faculty, other ASU faculty and scholars from outside of ASU talking about forces beyond our control that affect our behavior. It covers diverse disciplines including evolutionary biology, psychology, parasitology, microbiology, computer science and more.

"Zombified" is supported by the ASU Psychology Department, the ASU Interdisciplinary Cooperation Initiative and the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance.

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Psychology Building Room 230

For more information contact:

Robert Ewing
Department of Psychology