Arming Students for Good: Youth Activism to Prevent Violence

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Join the Humanities Lab at Arizona State University for a late afternoon event designed to elevate youth voices in collective efforts to prevent violence. Participate in interactive activities designed to illustrate the urgent need for innovative solutions. Hear from public figures, scientists and students about school shootings and their impact on communities and the nation as a whole.


3:00 - 4:00pm: Interactive activities, student projects and food truck (atrium)

  • Art Installation — View creative, artistic mediums that explain the emotions behind gun violence statistics.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure — Step into a day in the life of a high school student, make difficult decisions about events leading up to a potential school shooting.
  • Food Truck— Grab a meal from It’s Seoul Good!
  • Importance of Mental Health Curriculum— Learn about mental health curriculum for schools that includes mental health maintenance, resources, and prevention.
  • Policy and Your Voice — Learn about the legislative process and civic engagement, write postcards to legislators, and even register to vote!
  • Spoken Word— Watch and listen to meaningful poems about violence prevention, narrative control over violent events, and how trauma affects individuals over time.
  • Visual Data— How many individuals and schools are affected by school shootings each year? Come find out through a visual data representation that includes jellybeans and sidewalk chalk.


4:00 - 5:00pm: Live panel discussion (WCPH 107)

  • Eman Massoud: Student in Narratives of School Shootings Humanities Lab
  • Michael Franklin: Executive Director of Secondary Academic ASU Prep
  • Tom Leveen: Young Adult Author, including Mercy Rule
  • Quiana Lewis: Researcher with expertise in youth leadership


Come learn how the humanities contribute to understanding and abating one of America’s most pressing tragedies of our time.


This event is part of the annual ASU Humanities Week in partnership with The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.




About the Humanities Lab: The Humanities Lab is an inquiry-driven social change incubator designed to offer students new ways of knowing, doing and being. All Lab courses focus on today’s most pressing social challenges and engage students in team-based, action-oriented, project-centered learning in collaboration with instructional faculty, embedded university librarians and community consultants on and off campus. Learning is activated by students who pose questions, conduct transdisciplinary collaborative research, follow up on research-informed leads, innovate possibilities for positive change and ultimately develop public-facing impact outcomes designed to better our collective future. Read more about the Humanities Lab HERE.

Event contact

Humanities Lab

Monday, October 16, 2023


3:00 pm5:00 pm (MST)


Walton Center for Planetary Health, Room 107 and Atrium