From Bathrooms to Restrooms: When the Private Becomes Public

From Bathrooms to Restrooms: When the Private Becomes Public

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In partnership with the ASU Hugh Downs School of Communication, Project Humanities presents a body/gender inclusivity workshop with Bathrooms as the reference point.

Too often, people go through life without a critical awareness of how a physical space can impact and represent cultural power. Too often folks have no real sense of what goes into imagining, designing and implementing a space’s structure, shape and form.

For example, the width of a doorway tells us what bodies are and are not welcome; men’s and women’s restrooms tell us which bodies can and cannot relieve themselves and where; the limited number of accessible restrooms stalls tell us which bodies are assumed to need to use a restroom at all. All the while differences – size, gender, ability in these examples – are blamed for failing to measure up to standards designed to exclude.

Join this evening of learning, thinking, performing and reflecting on the power and politics of architectural design – the ways design communicates exclusion and inclusion beyond our usual understanding of the world.

Taking restrooms as a point of focus, this workshop invites and challenges participants to imagine new and more inclusive ways of demonstrating and creating more humane architectural futures composed by rather than against difference.

Event contact

Rae Macias

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 6-8 PM

6:00 pm8:00 pm (MST)


The Empty Space Theater at the ASU Performing and Media Arts Building