Data Science Volunteer Open Projects Kickoff

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  • Professional and career development

The Data Science and Analytics Unit at the ASU Library is excited to announce the return of our Volunteer Open Projects. We have four Spring 2024 Open Projects to choose from this semester. The Volunteer Open Projects are an opportunity to get involved with real-world issues, to collaborate, learn, and expand your knowledge and expertise in data science and analytics, regardless of your discipline or level of experience.

This 90-minute kickoff session is for current ASU students of all levels and disciplines who desire to collaborate and expand their knowledge in data science and analytics no matter one’s discipline and level. The Volunteer Open Project kickoff will be conducted in-person and remotely, registration is required and seats are limited for in-person attendees as a pizza lunch will be served.

Learn more and register for in-person attendance at Hayden Library.

Event contact

Unit for Data Science and Analytics

Friday, January 19, 2024


12:00 pm1:30 pm (MST)