Delia Robles Art Exhibit

Open during regular library hours until April 29, 2023

You’re invited to visit the Polytechnic campus Library to explore multimedia artworks by artist Delia Robles. Open during regular library hours from until April 29, 2023.

Delia Robles is an artist of Mexican descent. Delia became interested in creating art to aid her through processing her feelings during college. Delia’s art may reflect happiness, sadness, angst, or any feelings she is experiencing. While multimedia is her favorite medium, Delia will utilize objects and materials that are at her disposal. Currently, Delia is focused on using photomontage to use vintage material as well as recycled items to create her vision; it is not unusual to find Delia rummaging through thrift stores to find materials to create.


Illustrated painting and collage with recognizeable people and figures such as Charlie Chaplin and the Mona Lisa

Polytechnic campus Library

For more information contact:

ASU Library
Laura Cox