Deterring America's Rivals and Enemies

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The Leadership, Democracy and National Security Lab is proud to present Peter BergenAuthor, documentary producer, podcast host, professor of practice at Arizona State University, vice president at New America, and CNN's national security analyst. 

Topic: The world’s leading superpower has sometimes stumbled when it comes to deterring its rivals and enemies, from unenforced red lines in Syria to misreading the capabilities and intentions of al-Qaeda before 9/11. Today, the U.S. must attempt to prevent Iran from widening the regional conflict in the Middle East, China from invading Taiwan, and Russia from winning the war in Ukraine. So, how has the U.S. fared in exercising its deterrence capabilities over the past several years, and how might it continue to do so in the future? 

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Kathy Cook

Tuesday, April 23, 2024


12:00 pm1:00 pm (MST)